Rave Away.

Lopez Food products are the best quality, taste, and value in processed protein products, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Quick’N Eat Sausage

“I have a home-based daycare and purchase this product in large quantities and frequently! The children love it and always request seconds. It is fast and delicious. I cannot keep enough on hand. My family is also addicted to these delicious patties! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

– Winterdon

“Having pre-cooked sausage is a great way to have a good, old-fashioned big breakfast on a weekend morning.”

– PghGrammy

Quick’N Eat Beef Patties

“I got a bag as a sample from you some time ago. We now buy them on a regular basis. My two daughters and their husbands tried them and now buy them also. They are quite good and are a pretty good deal because they are pre-cooked and have very little waste. Really a good deal when they are on sale!”

“My family loves these! I’m so glad I found them at Sam’s. My go-to meal when I’m too tired to prepare anything or whenever the family is the mood for a burger.”

– Wahlflower

“I can’t believe how good these burgers are! I’m fussy about meat. I usually do not care for frozen burgers very much. After reading the reviews for these, I just HAD to try them and WOW! I am SO glad I did! They are juicy and delicious and taste like a restaurant burger. I heated mine up in a pan with some nonstick spray and some seasoning and the end result was so tasty I was amazed! The burgers are large and contain 24 grams of protein and 21 grams of fat. 8 Weight Watchers Points Plus per burger patty. Not bad at all, considering how great they taste! Try them! You won’t be disappointed.”

– MsPersnickety

“After reading the reviews, I decided to give them a try. Picked up a box this weekend and tried them tonight. OMG! They are delicious! The best burger ever. They taste like they just came off the grill. Juicy, lots of flavor…real beef. My whole family thought they were awesome! Will buy again and again…Thank you!”

– CrashClark22

“I have never had much luck with any frozen burgers but these are the best. They are moist and juicy and all you have to do is get them hot and enjoy. Compared to other frozen burgers (mostly raw ones), these beat them all. Also, I don’t have to worry if I have cooked good enough to make them safe to eat.”

– BillTWA

“These are by far hands down the “BEST” frozen patties I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. What a juicy, well-tasting, and delicious burger that only takes 2 minutes in the microwave.”

– TWall

“Finally a microwave burger that is good. This tastes like it is grilled. My kids and I love these. I have tried all kinds of frozen burgers and they are never worth the money. My family and I are totally thrilled to have found these.”

– Coffeetx

“I love this burger. It is so easy to make and the taste is better than burgers I have had at some restaurants.”

– hamburgerlover

“My husband loves these! His lunch prep is quick and easy now. Our neighbors love them too!”

– NadyasMommy

“These are the best pre-cooked burgers we have ever tried. The just cooked over a grill flavor is SO GOOD!! They are not dripping with fat and really make a great hamburger without all the fuss of getting the grill ready. The way they are packed, it makes getting the right amount out of the resealable freezer bag and resealing the bag for storage.”

– BurgerLover

“One minute on each side in the microwave and you have the taste and texture of restaurant-style char-grilled burgers. Each patty is just the right size. The grill marks look good and the patties taste great!! So fast and easy…great for kids to make for themselves. What a find. Try them…you can’t go wrong.”

– Anonymous

“These are the best frozen patties I have ever eaten! They taste amazing, inspirational even. Pound-for-pound they have to have the most quality and value of any burger you can buy!”

– Jelani

“I absolutely LOVE your Angus patties! They are the BEST!”

– Cathy Gordon

“I absolutely love your charbroiled beef patties! I have two growing boys and love the fact that I can feed them fast filling meal after school and I always know that after sports I can whip up a quick wholesome dinner that tastes better and costs much less than drive thru plus I know that what they are eating is much healthier. Also if you have any coupons I would greatly appreciate them as I always keep an eye out when I am in other towns and try to stock up! Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you regarding where I can currently purchase your wonderful product.”

– Christy Peterson and my two growing boys!